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      NOx converter
      In order to protect human health and the environment, the emission of nitrogen oxides must be reduced as much as possible. In order to use economical gas analysis methods in CEMS monitoring technology, such as NDIR non dispersive infrared technology and nduv UV technology, NO2 gas in the exhaust gas needs to be converted into NO. The conversion takes place in an electrically heated reactor filled with catalyst materials specially developed for this purpose. The NOx converter has the characteristics of high conversion rate and long service life, low power, low heating capacity and convenient maintenance.
      NOx converter has obvious advantages in similar products, high conversion efficiency, long service life and independent intellectual property rights.
      Product features
      Customized catalytic materials with low gas resistance and high efficiency Special preheating chamber design
      High density catalyst filling structure
      No organic matter volatilization and interference Professional hot runner design, simple and generous
      Application occasion
      Occasions of NO measurement in CEMS for continuous flue gas monitoring Analysis of nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere



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